Performed June 23 - 26, 2016, Southern Theater, Minneapolis, MN
Experience a world that is tangled, chaotic, and intensely personal. D&OB weaves dynamic physicality with experimental storytelling to create a collection of visually arresting narratives. The Beginning of Things dwells where our minds create meaning from mystery, and includes a solo work inspired by Kate Chopin’s The Awakening.
Photography: Bill Cameron
Interview w/D&OB Co-Director Jennifer Pray and guest artist Jessica Pray: Two sisters bring you into their vision of Chopin’s “Awakening"
Photography: Bill Cameron and Jordan Lee Thompson
Fictions brings together four stories that explore the things we don’t know, and the way our minds fill in that information for us. D&OB worked with Peggy Thompson, Isaak Harchi, Ahmed Medhat and Akshata Moorthy to develop a collaborative approach to storytelling for the work. Each story, narrated by—and in 3 of 4 instances, performed by—the protagonist begins rooted in their real-life experiences, but addresses questions that can only be answered in the hypothetical–only in fiction.