This collaboration with artist Quincy Anna Benton features depictions of sexual acts, and is not appropriate for all ages.

Created for and exhibited in "Intimacy" November 1-5, 2011, Market-Dubuque Display Space, Iowa City
Charcoal on photocopied paper, 8.5"x11," 2011
Photocopied paper, 8.5"x11," 2011
"Porn interests me in particular because the Internet has lessened the demand for it as a tangible good: one no longer needs to purchase, transport, hide, or destroy it. Yet these are the actions which I believe are necessary to confront a social taboo.
"By tracing videos directly from my computer screen, I both reclaim pornography as physical and turn the viewing of explicit material into an intimate experience. The original tracings are therefore precious to me, but the copies I make and distributed are free to be altered and reproduced without limit. Each generation loses its connection to the author and to those that profit from it.
These tracings are not meant to viewed on a computer screen: each one lives and develops as a physical thing.... I encourage you to print them off, to share them, to mess them up, and to re-submit them here, adding your work to the growing collective of hard material."
     —Quincy Anna Benton
Quincy Anna Benton's ongoing project:
untitled, digital inkjet print, 20"x16", 2011